Reasons to Use Math Games

Math Games…

promote strategic thinking
teach cooperation
allow for student choice
provide an opportunity for self-monitoring
are VERY motivating
encourage mathematical communication
help kids practice social skills/ turn taking
can be used to develop meta-cognition
encourage logic and reasoning skills
help kids reach computational fluency
provide an opportunity for thinking about probability and chance
help develop decision making skills
are great for concept development within a math unit
can be used to review previous concepts
are a great way to provide enrichment for high achieving students
create a love of math
provide an opportunity to use and practice vocabulary
encourage calculation/ reasoning speed and fluency
can be used for any topic, concept, or skill
create a bridge for engaging families
allow for creativity/ flexible thinking
contribute to shared class culture
encourage language development in a low-stress way 
allow for consolidation and application of concepts and skills
necessitate active engagement- you can’t play passively!
develop problem solving skills
provide more feedback than one teacher can possibly give
are FUN

Happy Teaching (with Math Games)!!
Christine Cadalzo